The first occurrence when a child demonstrates behavior that is detrimental to the game or is unsportsmanlike, as determined in NYC Pick Up Sports sole discretion, will be asked to sit out for the remainder of that game. If the child displays poor behavior a second time, as determined in NYC Pick Up Sports sole discretion, the child will not be allowed back for the duration of the season. These judgments will be made at the sole discretion of the referees and game managers. In either event, there will be no refund if a child is asked not to return.

Detrimental behavior is defined to include, without limitation, the following:

(i)             Bullying behavior, such as teasing, name calling or making fun of someone;

(ii)            Foul Language;

(iii)           Flagrant game-rule violation; and

(iv)          Ignoring officials, referees, game managers or any other agent of NYC Pick Up Sports

The games will be played with the NFL Flag Football rulebook, with slight modifications.

For details click the link below:


  • There will be a 5 yard neutral zone on every play

  • By the end of each half, every player must touch the ball at least once. If either coach/referee believes that a player has not touched the ball they will enforce a specifically designed play.

  • The coaches/referee's will dictate the flow of the game and will only allow play to begin once the offense and defense are ready.

  • Each player will be issued pinnies as well as a flag belt.


  • Closed toes sneakers or cleats (Mandatory)

  • Mouth guard (Mandatory)

  • Football gloves are allowed

  • All balls, flags, pinnies an cones will be provided