Code of conduct

The first occurrence when a child demonstrates behavior that is detrimental to the game or is unsportsmanlike, as determined in NYC Pick Up Sports sole discretion, will be asked to sit out for the remainder of that game. If the child displays poor behavior a second time, as determined in NYC Pick Up Sports sole discretion, the child will not be allowed back for the duration of the season. These judgments will be made at the sole discretion of the referees and game managers. In either event, there will be no refund if a child is asked not to return.

Detrimental behavior is defined to include, without limitation, the following:

(i)             Bullying behavior, such as teasing, name calling or making fun of someone;

(ii)            Foul Language;

(iii)           Flagrant game-rule violation; and

(iv)          Ignoring officials, referees, game managers or any other agent of NYC Pick Up Sports


In our Pickup format Volleyball three new teams will be selected by our trained coaches before each session. Games will be played to 15 (rather than the traditional 25 points) to ensure that no team has to wait long periods of time without playing.

The concept of pickup allows for the participants in the program to socialize with students from other schools in a more relaxed environment than traditional sports leagues. By not being locked into or committed to a single team you are able to enjoy the sport without the pressure of showing up every week. The coaches are there to facilitate good game flow and give tips when they deem appropriate, not scold any member of a team or create an ultra-competitive environment.

In this volleyball session, the coaches will provide more hands-on instruction than in our traditional pickup games. Approximately half of the time will be devoted to skills training and drills, with the second half reserved for a lighthearted pickup volleyball game to ensure the kids are having fun each week.

This is a great opportunity for a volleyball player of any skill level to gain more experience playing the sport in a relaxed environment and make new friends